Welcome Katie!

Katie was born and raised in Portland and attended the University of Oregon where she obtained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.  After graduation and moving back to Portland, Katie was unsure of the next steps for her career and future.  She took a part time job as a receptionist for a local veterinary clinic, which then led her to a position as a veterinary assistant at a feline shelter.  Through her experiences working with the stray and abandoned animals, Katie decided to further her education and pursue a career in veterinary medicine.


In 2009 Katie graduated from the PCC Veterinary Technology program and has never looked back!  She loves helping the animals (and their people) through challenging times and takes a special interest in animal behavior in order to help reduce the stressors that come along with veterinary visits.  Katie also loves the life-long learning that is made possible through a career in the medical field and is very excited to be joining the Team at SunStoneVets!



During her 'down time' Katie enjoys spending time with her friends and family (both two-legged and four-legged), reading, hiking, camping, bowling, and running in obstacle course events.  She also relishes a nice Fall or Winter weekend of doing nothing but lounging at home, enjoying the rain, napping, snuggling her furry babies and binge watching a new TV show! Katie shares her home with her husband, four cats and a tenacious Cattle Dog mix.

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