Lana had been slowing down for a few months before refusing to put weight on her hind leg. As an eleven-year-old Boxer, it appeared to be progressive arthritis, until the lameness appeared. When x-rays didn’t reveal any major injuries and cold laser therapy treatments didn’t work, we were referred to SunStone. From the moment we walked in, I knew Lana was in great hands! Sarah made us feel warmly welcomed, and Colleen and Katie were so caring and professional as I shared what brought us to SunStone.  


Dr. Elliott’s exam and joint taps zeroed in on a couple potential diagnoses, and the pathology work he ordered confirmed one of these, a bacterial infection in her knee. We began treatment immediately, and anxiously awaited the effects of the antibiotics. Within a few days, Lana began tentatively standing on the leg. Over the next few weeks she regained her full mobility. She is back to being excited to take neighborhood walks and play in the yard, things we could not have imagined just a few weeks earlier. We feel so blessed to have landed in the expert care of Dr. Elliott and his wonderful team. Thank you, SunStone Vets!

- Jon Shervey, owner of Lana

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