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My love letter to our clients


I had a hard time deciding what to write about for this Vet Tech week blog post. It got me thinking about my last 10 years in the field and what has stood out to me the most. I thought about writing about the unique position that technicians are in right now given the tech shortage and the state of the veterinary field. I thought about discussing my new ventures as Head Technician and all that has come along with that. I thought about all of the interesting medical cases that I have had the pleasure of being a part of, but none of these things felt quite right to me.


I finally realized that I wanted to write about the thing that keeps me coming to work every single day; the thing that drives me even when I get peed on, bitten or scratched, lose a patient I love, barely have a chance to eat all day, or get told by a scared, worried client that all we want is their money. That thing is YOU, dear client, and the bond you share with your beloved pet. This human animal bond is what keeps me in love with this job.


I love getting a chance to know you and hear your stories. I love hearing about how you got your old dog as a puppy and all of the adventures you have shared. I love being able to be there for you in your time of need. In my line of work (Internal Medicine) we don’t see any healthy patients which means when you come to see us, you are probably worried, stressed and scared. I love that I get to talk with you and even hold your hand or hug you at times while we try to figure out what is going on with your beloved friend. I love when you come back to see us and your pet is doing better on their new food or medication or treatment. I love celebrating when the cat with intestinal disease finally gains weight! I love when the chronic respiratory patient gets on treatment and starts to breathe easier. I love the few times we actually get to completely fix something, like the time we pulled a sewing pin out of a puppy’s stomach.


And finally, I want you to know that when you leave your pet with us, whether for a short period of time to take x rays or to do an ultrasound, or whether they stay for a few days with us while they recover, they are treated like family. We are the “stand-in family” for them and yes we baby talk them, carry them around if we can, make sure they go potty when they need to, and make sure they have a fluffy bed, or something to perch on or hide under. We warm their food up to try to get them to eat and even hand feed them. We try to get the medical things done with the least amount of stress possible for your pet. We try to handle them in the gentlest way possible and use tools like sedation if needed. We know that we are no substitute for being at home with you, the person they love, but we do everything in our power to make their time with us as easy as possible.


I am lucky enough to work with a group of people who feel the same as I do and who consider you and your pets to be family. In fact, one of our owners just put up our company vision on our wall. It says “Work is love made manifest.” I think I speak for all of us in the veterinary field when I say that this is a job we do because we love it, because we all know it ain’t for the money! This love for you and for your pets is what being a Veterinary Technician is all about and I am PROUD to call myself a Vet tech. Cheers to all of you working hard every day to provide the best care possible and for keeping the love alive.


Katie, BS, AAS, LVT

Internal Medicine Technician

Head Technician


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