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What's That Smell?


As a Veterinary Assistant, there have been days where you’re covered in so much sweat and dirt that it forms a paste on your skin. You’ve wondered, “What’s that smell?” then realized it was you. Prior to working as a Veterinary Assistant, no one ever told me how this job can be so dirty and gross. There are days where you get FILTHY! 


I remember when I was first starting out as a Vet Assistant, I was driving home one night and smelled poop. I looked everywhere, and I couldn’t find it. After arriving home, I changed my clothes, brushed my teeth and BAM! There was diarrhea streaked through my hair. How it got there will still be a mystery, but I remembered I was trying not to panic. I immediately cleaned myself off knowing that all I could do was go about my evening and think that tomorrow was a new day. Want to know what Veterinary Assistants deal with throughout their day? 


Here’s some of the “lovely” smells Veterinary Assistant’s must encounter on any given work day. 


 1. Diarrhea : For that matter, any type of animal feces can be smelly to deal with, but diarrhea can be the worst of them all 


2. Anal Glands: Just a part of the daily routine. I would advise one to carry waterless shampoo for both owner and pet. (YIKES!) 


3. Abscesses: There’s nothing like a big, nasty abscess to tickle the nostrils.. 


4. Grade 4 Periodontal Disease: You can smell it coming from a mile away! (Free kisses for everyone!) 


AND.....Last but not least... 


5. Vomit with chocolate mixed with peroxide and activated charcoal: Man! I’ll tell you; this one will knock you off your feet or could make you loose your lunch. 


Even though these can be some pretty dreadful smells, at the end of the day, I wouldn’t trade being a Veterinary Assistant for the world! Helping furry critters one step at a time!


Katheryn (Kat)

Surgery Assistant

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