kudos from our clients



Jesse and Chrystal Cramer     

This past April (2016), our 3-year-old fawn Doberman Isabel was seen at your clinic for perplexing recurrent UTIs which she'd had her entire life.


Dr. Elliott astutely honed in on the specific cause of the problem--a type of congenital anomaly--then kindly and clearly explained to my wife and I the rationale, our options and expected outcomes.


We went forward with surgery for Isabel and Dr. Su's great work speaks for itself--to this date, more than half-a-year later, Isabel hasn't had any return of symptoms of her problem! She recovered well without complications.


Just wanted to let you know how thankful we are for your skill and dedication. We and Isabel are very happy!



Jon Shervey

Lana had been slowing down for a few months before refusing to put weight on her hind leg. As an eleven-year-old Boxer, it appeared to be progressive arthritis, until the lameness appeared. When x-rays didn’t reveal any major injuries and cold laser therapy treatments didn’t work, we were referred to SunStone. From the moment we walked in, I knew Lana was in great hands! Sarah made us feel warmly welcomed, and Colleen and Katie were so caring and professional as I shared what brought us to SunStone.  


Dr. Elliott’s exam and joint taps zeroed in on a couple potential diagnoses, and the pathology work he ordered confirmed one of these, a bacterial infection in her knee. We began treatment immediately, and anxiously awaited the effects of the antibiotics. Within a few days, Lana began tentatively standing on the leg. Over the next few weeks she regained her full mobility. She is back to being excited to take neighborhood walks and play in the yard, things we could not have imagined just a few weeks earlier. We feel so blessed to have landed in the expert care of Dr. Elliott and his wonderful team. Thank you, SunStone Vets!



Ciara Stone

I worked with Dr. Elliott for a few years at a very well respected Emergency & Specialty practice, and can tell you from personal experience, he is a *wonderful* internal medicine specialist. He's compassionate, considerate, thorough, and beyond knowledgeable. You can rest assured that you and your pet will be in good hands with Dr. Elliott.



Bryan Walker

Dr Elliott is an excellent vet specialist and a great person, he has provided the best care and treatment of my ailing dogs for years.



Jasmine Arevalo

Dr. Elliott performed surgery on my 11 yr old pitbull back in 2007. At the time he was a resident, but his skills did not reflect those of a resident. He was precise and quick at diagnosing "Huskie", decided to go into surgery immediately & she lived another 3.5 years & passed away in her sleep of old age! I was scared & nervous, but Dr. Elliott's amazing people skills reassured me that he would do everything he could to save her life.. He put my nerves at ease! He is an amazing Vet & person.. You will NOT go wrong putting your trust in him! ❤️



Sarah W 

Dr. Elliott and his entire staff are true angels. Dr. Elliott is VERY knowledgeable and direct (no sugar coating here), but also compassionate and understanding. He saved my dog's life and for that, I am forever grateful. I hope you never need a vet specialist, but if you do, go here!!