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Sunstone Veterinary Specialists Sunstone Veterinary Specialists

Phone (503) 505-7255 Address Portland, OR Email

Emergency Referral Services in Portland, Oregon

Our ER Team is available to help Friday - Sunday. Our team is here to address the urgent and emergent needs of dog and cat patients in the greater Portland area.

If your pet requires immediate medical attention or is experiencing an emergency, we encourage pet owners to call our team and discuss their pet's condition before arriving at our new facility, conveniently located in the Gateway Neighborhood:

1230 NE 106th Avenue Portland, OR 97220

Referring veterinarians, please contact us directly at 503-505-7255 to speak with the veterinarian on duty or one of our team members before referring a patient for care.

Our weekend emergency team understands the importance of minimizing stress and delivering excellent care in critical moments. With a focus on your pet's urgent or emergent condition, our compassionate and skilled doctors are prepared to provide top-quality care at a moment's notice.

What to Expect

Our emergency service is currently available Friday morning thru Monday morning.

Please call 503-505-7255 to speak with a team member about your pet's condition.

Here is an example of the emergency services we currently offer:

  • Same-day surgery
  • Examination and ultrasound services
  • Emergency endoscopy to retrieve foreign bodies before they become surgical emergencies
  • Treatment of any Urgent(Serious but Stable) or STAT Critical Emergency (Life Threatening) condition listed below in the yellow or red columns.

Emergency Conditions We See

The following chart lists the conditions we see in RED, YELLOW, and GREEN.

Red: STAT/Critical Emergency (Life Threatening)

Respiratory Distress


Inability to Stand/Walk (or dragging of multiple limbs)

Unable to Produce Urine (straining and non-productive)

Active Seizure/Cluster Seizures; or Severe Acute Neurologic Changes

Severe Trauma (HBC, animal attack, head trauma etc)

Profuse Bleeding

Snake Bites

Non-productive Retching/Gagging

Active Choking

Toxin Ingestion (substance dependant)

Anaphylactic Reaction

Yellow: Urgent (Serious but Stable)

Persistent/Severe Vomiting

Known Foreign Body Ingestion

Persistent/Severe Diarrhea

Appetite Loss >24hrs

Aggressive Coughing (without distress)

Laceration/Wound (without major blood loss)

Minor Allergic reactions

Multiple Seizures with Prolonged Recovery

Bloody Urination

Bloody Diarrhea

Squinting/Inability to Open Eye

Toxin Ingestion (substance dependant)

Green: Non-Emergency (Minor Injury/Illness)


Red Eyes/Skin/Ears

Chronic Weight Loss without Major Changes

Chronic Illness without Major Changes

Hair Loss

Torn/broken Toe Nails

Dental Concerns

Single Seizure with Normal Recovery

Our Emergency Services are open Friday - Sunday. We prioritize and carefully triage all patients to ensure we meet their needs effectively. We provide overnight care for patients that need to be hospitalized.

Upon arrival, each ER patient will undergo triage by our team. Following triage, the doctor will examine your pet, discuss a personalized plan for their care and treatment, and we will provide a cost estimate. If diagnostic testing or a procedure is required, we may ask you to leave your pet in our care while we complete these necessary steps.

Check-in and Payment

Similar to visiting your doctor's office, we collect payment and co-pay before your pet's appointment. If you have Trupanion pet insurance or Care Credit, please inform us. Trupanion's direct pay option allows you to skip the reimbursement step and pay Sunstone directly. When using Care Credit, we will verify credit and post all charges simultaneously to ensure you receive the best possible interest rate offered by Sunstone. We collect the total cost of testing and procedures before beginning work on your pet.

At our locally-owned and operated emergency and specialty veterinary clinic, we are committed to providing exceptional personal care and attention during your pet's time of need. If your pet requires emergency referral services, please contact us immediately.

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