My Veterinary Technician Week Experience

I wanted to take a moment to thank the owners of SunStone Vets, Dr. Joshua Elliott and Marie Xavier for making Vet Tech Week truly special for the staff at SunStone. Being appreciated by your employer is such a wonderful feeling and is one of the many reasons I am so happy to be working here! Every day of Vet Tech week they made sure to do something special for me and the other veterinary professionals we work with. One day they took myself, our receptionist, a Portland Cardiology technician, and our local IDEXX representative out to a delicious lunch at the food carts on Belmont. They presented me with a heartfelt card expressing their gratitude for my work as well as a very thoughtful gift. Every day that week we had some sort of yummy treat, including chocolate chip cookies that Dr. Elliott baked himself for us. They even delivered delicious cupcakes to fellow veterinary staff at a local clinic. Josh and Marie know that ALL members of the veterinary team, from receptionists to assistants to technicians to laboratory professionals and more, are VITAL to providing our clients and patients with the level of care that we do. In a field that is often demanding, it is nice to know that your hard work is appreciated. Thank you SunStone Vets for making Veterinary Technician Week truly special!–Katie LVT