Summit’s Sewing Pin

Summit, a 9 month old Labrador mix, recently found himself faced with the difficult decision as to whether or not he should consume a sewing pin. With the confidence of a puppy, Summit chose to ingest the pin.

Summit’s owners discovered his dietary indiscretion and promptly took him to his primary veterinarian’s office. Upon arrival, he was x-rayed and the pin appeared to be in his stomach. This was great news as it indicated retrieval was potentially non-surgical and could be removed safely with a flexible endoscope, a machine Dr. Elliott uses regularly.

Summit’s primary veterinarian’s office gave us a call at Sunstone to see if we were able to perform this procedure the same day, and explained the situation. We were able to see Summit quickly that afternoon, so his owners brought him right over. We recommended taking an additional x-ray to verify the location of the pin. Upon reviewing the x-ray, the pin still appeared to be in the stomach, which makes for a convenient retrieval. Summit was placed under anesthesia and we proceeded.

Much to our surprise, the pin was not found in the stomach (although some cardboard was). Dr. Elliott looked down into the duodenum (the first part of the small intestine, immediately beyond the stomach) and found the pin about 10 inches into the duodenum. Dr. Elliott was able to carefully grab the tip of the pin and guide it safely through the open lumen of the duodenum and back into the stomach, where he could reposition it and remove it from Summit safely.

Summit is enjoying being at home, back to his puppy shenanigans without the need of surgery.