Move Over, CT, We Have HDVI For Pets!


The team at Sunstone Veterinary Specialists is very excited to let the community know about a new piece of advanced imaging equipment we have acquired. CT or ‘cat’ scan is a well-known method of advanced medical imaging that allows us to “look” through the body, map organs, tissues and sometimes observe abnormal structures. CT (Computed Tomography) in simple terms, is a series of tiny x-rays collected by a computer as the x-ray machine is spinning around the outside of a patient’s body. Each tiny x-ray is then added together through software to create a bread loaf-like slice of the area that has been scanned. The slices, which vary in thickness depending on the machine, are then “stitched together” by the computer blending and approximating the space between the slices. 


All About Endoscopy…. Part 2!

In the last installment of our blog, we introduced you to one of our favorite diagnostic tools- endoscopy! We went over the basics and talked about gastrointestinal endoscopy, the most common form of endoscopy we do here at Sunstone Vets. Here’s the link to that blog in case you missed it! This week, we will learn about the other types of flexible and rigid endoscopy that we offer and how they can help your four legged family member.